Skype Visits Program

Skype Lessons

Skype visits are so much fun and accessible! Mariana has visited over 150 schools around the world through Skype. Skype visits are FREE OF CHARGE* (please see explanation below) through Mariana’s Global Reading Program. She wishes to visit many, many kids around the world to stress the importance of books as windows, doors, and mirrors. Her Skype visits are in English or Spanish.

Mariana’s schedule is pretty flexible, but sometimes the demand is overwhelming. She will try to accommodate as many schools as she can during the year. Mariana’s sessions last around 45 minutes with full participation of your students and follow up via email if you’re up for it.


*Friends, my Skype schools are FREE OF CHARGE. I enjoy doing them so much that even when other authors charge a fee, I’m still offering them for free. However, an author must eat too, that is why I am enabling a DONATION button. These donations will help compensate for the time I dedicate to these visits and hopefully, allow me to do even more. My goal in the next months is to start a non-for-profit and to find sponsors that will allow me to travel through the magic of technology to encourage YOUR students to read.

Also I ask schools purchase copies of the books we’re going to read. In some of my lessons, like KUTU or Luca’s Bridge, I need the class to read the story prior to my visit. -xx Mariana

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

In this lesson, I'll read No Birthday for Mara. After the story, we'll talk about emotions, feelings, and the way we feel throughout the day. We'll talk about the six basic emotions and act them out.
Best suited for K through 3rd grade.

Not Home For Christmas
A Multicultural Adventure

In this lesson we'll talk about different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world, also main difference between southern and northern hemispheres.
Best for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Immigrant Stories

Please read Luca's Bridge/El puente de Luca prior to our scheduled visit. In this lesson Mariana will discuss social justice and the different hardships immigrants face. Kindness and empathy are a central element of this visit.We'll also talk about human migration.
Best suited for 4th grade and up.

Incredible Incas

Please read Kutu the Tiny Inca Princess with your class prior to our scheduled visit. In this lesson, Mariana will share her knowledge of Inca culture and society. She'll take the students on a "virtual trip" to Cusco and Machu Picchu. She'll highlight this culture's incredible knowledge.
Best suited for 2nd grade and up.

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