Resources for Immersion Schools

Bring a bilingual (English/Spanish) author to chat with your immersion class! Skype visits are FREE!

On my Skype visits, I read one of my stories (either English or Spanish)then chat, ask questions, answer questions, sing, or any other activity you have in mind! This is a GREAT opportunity for your students to interact with a speaker in the target language (someone besides the teacher) and apply their knowledge, asking questions and understanding.

He visitado varias escuelas de inmersión en los Estados Unidos. A los niños les fascina usar sus conocimientos del idioma para hacer preguntas o comentarios. Mis libros en español también son un complemento para el salón de clase. Visito todo nivel de estudiantes, desde primaria hasta secundaria.

 Aquí pueden ver varios artículos sobre mis libros en el prestigioso website Spanish Playground

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Scheduling is easy and flexible. Just let me know your school name, city, grade, English / Spanish proficiency of your students and a few possible dates and times. That’s it. My Skype visits are free of charge, but I have book orders available to send home with students, and I appreciate your school’s purchases.