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I don’t know if the world is prepared for me, but I’m certainly prepared for it! That’s why, when last week I was approached but two awesome– and completely different–professionals to share about my writing journey, I didn’t hesitate and said Yes! Si!

The first one was Paul Lawley-Jones an educator and broadcaster from the UK who hosts the podcast Meet the Teacher on his super-neat website. His site has a variety of resources and articles on education, technology, classroom management, etc, so I encourage you to sign up for his newsletter. On this podcast, we talked about how I became a preschool teacher, my insights on arts education, books, reluctant readers, modeling reading, being bilingual, etc., all while my children where wildly running around and jumping on the sofa. Don’t believe me? Well, check out the podcast HERE, on Paul’s site and hear for yourself.

The second interview was for the Spanish language network Telemundo Oklahoma, where I had a lovely conversation with Alfredo Andrade about books, writing and bilingual families. Here’s the VIDEO on YouTube.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cBTe0HkOU&w=560&h=315]

And in the meantime, this was happening at home:


Yes, my kids were thrilled to see mommy on TV!

If you like anything you heard hear today, let’s start a conversation. Contact me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Of course, check my books out on my website www.marianallanos.com and on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


IndieprideMariana Llanos is the author of six children’s books in English and Spanish. She visits schools around the world through virtual technology. Her plan is to take over the world, one book at a time. www.marianallanos.com


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Mariana Llanos

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I’m Mariana Llanos and I write books for children and poetry in English and Spanish. I am originally from Lima, Peru, but now I live in Oklahoma with my husband, our three children and our dog, Juliet. I started writing poetry since I was very young. I loved reading so much that I wanted to create my own stories to share with the world. I published my first book, Tristan Wolf in 2013. Since then, I haven’t stopped, and I have many more stories, poems, and project that I want to share with YOU!

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