I’m free to write

Wonderful bilingual students in Argentina and their dedicated teacher, interacting through Google+

In the good old words of The Rolling Stones, today I’m celebrating that I’m free to write what I please. Thinking about my writing journey and the many little things I accomplish day-by-day, I’m definitely grateful that I chose to be an independent author.

Today I got to visit three classrooms through Skype, in different parts of the United States. That means that I reached over 100 children in just one day, and the message was clear: Write. Read. Imagine.

Today I got to visit with the illustrator for the new children’s book I’m crafting: A Superpower for ME, and received two wonderful illustrations. I’m so pleased with the way this book is coming together!

Today I got to work on the re-writes for a new middle grade story I’m working on, a story that touches the theme of immigration in the United States of America.

Today, I made amazing new contacts for future posts and interviews! Today I’m happy I’m an independent author. It’s a privilege not having to worry if an agent might like my work or if a publisher will hire me. I only have to worry about pleasing my audience.

So, yes, today I’m celebrating, savoring, and enjoying the life of a hard-working, committed, independent author and businessperson. And dancing to the Rolling Stones!

Love me, hold me, read me!

Com’n, sing with me!

Photo by Steffanie Halley
Photo by Steffanie Halley

Mariana Llanos is a Peruvian-born author of five children’s books (three of them in Spanish.) When she’s not writing she stares out the window wondering what would’ve happened if she had pursued a singing career instead, or if Hamlet hadn’t returned to Denmark. Connect on Facebook and Twitter

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  2. Hi Mariana, I’m so happy to hear you’re celebrating your choices as an author. Your work is amazing. Every time I see that you have a new book out, I know it will be wonderful and carry a message to your readers. I’m looking forward to reading the books you have in the works. Stay happy and inspired.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s not always easy to see the bright side, but I’ve always believed that there’s light shining somewhere. A positive attitude is key to keep our balance in life!

Mariana Llanos

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I’m Mariana Llanos and I write books for children and poetry in English and Spanish. I am originally from Lima, Peru, but now I live in Oklahoma with my husband, our three children and our dog, Juliet. I started writing poetry since I was very young. I loved reading so much that I wanted to create my own stories to share with the world. I published my first book, Tristan Wolf in 2013. Since then, I haven’t stopped, and I have many more stories, poems, and project that I want to share with YOU!

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