#Kidlitwomen: Immigrant Voices Want To Tell Stories

When I self-published my first book a few years ago, I was confronted with questions I had not expected: “Did you write a book? In English?” was the most popular. “Is it about some cultural things from your country?” was a close second.  I’m a non-native English speaker originally from Peru. I am the owner …

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To Earth, with love

*Thoughts after the attacks in Paris, November 2015* When I was a young girl, back in Peru, I had a pen pal, a girl from Paris called Anne Marie. I remember her name because it was similar to mine. We exchanged letters, in English, because she couldn’t speak Spanish, and I couldn’t speak French. Our …

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Sometimes I don’t know if it’s me who woke up upside down, or if it is the world who has turned mad. I hear them talking about race and skin color as if it mattered. Why, if I were green, would I be any different? Where do fairies and dreams go when you become an adult? …

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I’m free to write

In the good old words of The Rolling Stones, today I’m celebrating that I’m free to write what I please. Thinking about my writing journey and the many little things I accomplish day-by-day, I’m definitely grateful that I chose to be an independent author. Today I got to visit three classrooms through Skype, in different parts of …

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Mariana Llanos

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I’m Mariana Llanos and I write books for children and poetry in English and Spanish. I am originally from Lima, Peru, but now I live in Oklahoma with my husband, our three children and our dog, Juliet. I started writing poetry since I was very young. I loved reading so much that I wanted to create my own stories to share with the world. I published my first book, Tristan Wolf in 2013. Since then, I haven’t stopped, and I have many more stories, poems, and project that I want to share with YOU!

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