15 fun places to read for school-age children

Aye2The other day, as I was writing a new blog post called 51 Fun Places to Read Reading Challenge (soon to be published),  my eight year old asked if he could have a sneak peek at my post. Sure, I said, and he immediatly felt fascinated by the new places and situations that I was proposing to encourage children to read. But, by number 36 I was falling a bit short of imagination and was having trouble coming up with new original ideas.  Can I add something? my son asked taking over my keyboard.

When he was done, he felt so proud of himself, not only for helping mom out, but for coming up with new original places and situations to read a book. So, I decided to post his suggestions, because what in the world is better than the wisdom and imagination of an 8 year old?

This is Andre’s list of 15 Fun Places and Ways to Read– Reading Challenge for Kids (and grownups!)2015-01-09 14.26.55

  1. Inside a big cardboard box.
  2. In a cabinet (if you have a light or a flashlight attached to your head)
  3. In a gingerbread house. (You have to find HUGE graham crackers though.)
  4. A quiet place where you can draw and read.
  5. Next to a dictionary, so you can look up some words.
  6. While listening to music
  7. At school while you’re supposed to be doing your homework ( but you decide to read an 18 chapter book instead.)
  8. At home having dinner.
  9. Read an eBook on your phone or tablet.
  10. Read to a stuffed animal. ( if stuffed animals were real that would be epic.)
  11. While you’re supposed to be practicing your musical instrument. ( if you even have one.)
  12. Go to a lake and read to a duck.
  13. Read to your dog inside his dog house or on his bed.
  14. Read to your best friend. ( hopefully they don’t get bored.)
  15. Read to a banana AND an apple. And also probably some peaches. Actually, any fruit will work.

2015-02-07 16.56.00So will you take Andre’s challenge? Here are the rules: You can read two or three short books, or a short book twice. You can read a long book and read two or three chapters at a time. But whatever you choose, make sure you read 20 minutes each time!  Can you come up with a new (and fun) place to read? 51 Fun Places to Read will be up very soon!

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